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Welcome to my Graphic and Animation Portfolio Website

This portfolio website will showcase my Graphics and Animation Module Work from this year as well as some of my 3D Modeling (Blender) Module work from Level 5 and Level 6 that I did for the Creative Digital Media Course in St John's Central College Cork. You can click on each nav bar menu to view each assignment/module page.

This website has a consistent Light Blue, Dark Blue, White and Black Colour Scheme. The font used throughout the website is Arial.

Work that is shown on this website is Kinetic Typography, Optical Illusion, HSE Project, Animate and Blender (3D Modeling). Each page on this website will have images/videos and text description in an interactive accordion menu or image grid style display.

The software used to create this website and the work shown on it are Dreamweaver, After Effects, Photoshop, Animate, Audition and Blender.

I have included a contact page so you can contact me. I have the link to the page in the nav bar.