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Optical Illusion

Description of sequence: This sequence is a short Fallout themed optical illusion. I will have myself turning to the right saying no no! in front of a greenscreen. I will replace the greenscreen with a fallout themed background. I will then add an image of a Nuka cola bottle and using the shatter effect in After Effects to create the illusion of me and the bottle shattering like glass.


This is the storyboard I did to plan the video


This is a screenshot of my rotoscoping myself from the background in After Effects. I used the rotobrush tool to draw a selction around myself and used the refine edges tool to make the selection more accurate.


This is screenshot of me applying the shatter effect to myself. I changed the shape of the effect to glass. I also adjusted the origin of the effect so it would start from the right. I changed the effect settings such as repetitons and gravity to make the effect look more realistic. I also added a glass shatter sound effect.

This is the final video with some added images